Day 9: I Know What You’re Thinking

Do you ever wake up all angsty and nervous for no apparent reason? (If you haven’t, good for you. You can stop reading now.) What is that unidentifiable fear that grabs you from the moment you wake up and won’t leave you alone? No early-morning business meeting. No large bills to pay. No relationship problems that need to be addressed. Everything is okay, so why aren’t you?

It seems like something a little Xanax could certainly help, except you can’t just run to the drug store and pick up a bottle without a prescription. So you have to push through it and try to cope. If you’re lucky, a couple hours into the day, once your mind finally realizes there’s no reason to be anxious, you feel your breathing slow and your muscles relax. You’re going to be okay! (Well, of course you are, you silly thing.)

The nervousness subsides, but you’re left feeling bewildered. Why did that just happen? Why can’t you shake this obscure fear? Usually, you move on with your day and forget the incident, until it unfortunately happens again down the road.

Or you could have gone to church and felt a shiver down your spine as the first reading appears to be talking directly to you and your ridiculous fear.

“In love there is no room for fear, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear implies punishment and no one who is afraid has come to perfection in love.” (John 4:18)

Well, I’ll be danged.