Days 34-43: Summed Up

Too much of life going on to blog every day right now so I’m focusing on the most meaningful homily I heard over the last several days. It is simple and yet somewhat haunting, especially at this time.

Without faith we have nothing.

This ordinarily would be a rather benign statement for me, something I would silently nod to and move on. But the words the priest said during his homily were all I could think about the rest of the day and several days afterward. Without faith we have nothing. 

Do we have faith these days? Have we put our faith in money or pleasure or people, and left God out to dry? Do we say we have faith, but then live our lives in some sort of “me first” way that has little to do with faith? 

It just feels that, with all of the weirdness going on in our world, with shooting sprees and drug overdoses and laissez-faire attitudes, we’re losing our faith not just in God but also in humankind. Can we even get back to the type of faith we’re supposed to have? Or maybe I shouldn’t be looking at everyone else collectively, but instead just look at myself. Do I have faith? 

This has been occupying a lot of my thoughts. I know when I’m in church I have faith, but I need to do a better job of showing it when I’m outside of church. Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow and a slightly lighter theme: Valentine’s Day.

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